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Steve Forbes

Chairman & Editor-In-Chief Forbes

It’s stunning that so many business owners end up leaving so much equity on the table when they want to cash out. That’s why this book will be a gold mine for these entrepreneurs.

Jeff Hoffman

Global Entrepreneur from Priceline.com and uBid.com

The “Six P” method is a concrete, quantifiable way to account for the added value of a business. This is A GREAT method to increase value and sell your business for HUGE profit, compared to the many traditional methods that don’t really work. A MUST READ.

Brian Tracy

Author, Speaker, Consultant

This practical book is loaded with proven strategies and techniques you can apply immediately to sell your business at a higher price than you may have thought possible.

Mark Victor Hansen

Co-Creator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul Series, Co-Chairman and CEO of Metamorphosis Energy

90% of businesses listed for sale do NOT sell! Sharon Lechter and Michelle Seiler-Tucker want you to sell at the top of the 10%.EXIT Rich will show you how.

Jay Samit

Bestselling author of Disrupt You!

Finally, a business book that helps entrepreneurs with practical strategies to maximize their EXIT. EXIT Rich packs years of practical experience into a book that pays for itself ten times over.

Dr. Greg Reid

Author: Think and Grow Rich Series

Ever wonder why 70 % of businesses go out of business after being in business for 10 years? Seiler Tucker unravels the mystery in her “TELL ALL” book, all while delivering a proven formula so your business does not become a failing statistic.

Loral Langemeier

Best Selling Author, Speaker, Millionaire Mentor

Do something for your business, yourself and your family, buy this book, apply it, and then congratulate yourself when your business sells for maximum value.

Steve Farber

Founder and CEO, The Extreme Leadership Institute; author, The Radical Leap and Love Is Just Damn Good Business

Entrepreneurs take note! Yes, you want to make an impact with your business, but you also want to build it into a valuable asset in the process. Toward that end, Seiler Tucker’s Golden Nuggets are priceless. This is a must-read in helping you build, fix, and grow your enterprise so it’s sellable for maximum value!

Cheryl Snapp Conner

CEO of SnappConner PR, Creator of Content University™, Entrepreneur Contributor, Author and Speaker

The ST GPS EXIT is genius! It helps business owners plan their EXIT from the beginning so they can EXIT Smart, EXIT Rich and EXIT on Their Terms!

Dina Dwyer-Owens

Past Chairman/CEO Neighborly Brands

Anyone looking to sell their business would be smart to read EXIT Rich to learn and apply the combined wisdom and experience of Sharon Lechter and Michelle Seiler-Tucker.

Berny Dohrmann

Founder of CEO SPACE, Author of Super Change

Michelle Seiler-Tucker and Sharon Lechter have led faculty at CEO SPACE on the wealth missing CEO software 1.7 billion small business owners require, finally “available NOW” for less than $ 10,000 in live classes – in EXIT RICH. As founder of the largest small business community in the world, it is my opinion EXIT RICH is the missing essential TOOL KIT – to turn dreams into millions from the lady leaders who have assisted countless CEO’s and professionals to actually DO IT.

David Corbin

Wall Street Journal Best Selling Author, Mentor to Mentors

When it comes to selling your business, there’s a lot of different advice you can listen to, but Michelle’s “Six P’s” method will actually work! Do something for yourself and your family, buy this book, and then congratulate yourself when your business sells for maximum value.

Alec Stern

Entrepreneur * Speaker, Mentor, Investor, America’s Startup Success Expert

EXIT Rich reveals the BEST way to plan your company EXIT. Michelle and Sharon cover all of the steps and lays out the game plan from scaling to selling. All you have to do is follow it!

Frank Shankwitz

Creator and Co-Founder and First President/CEO of the Make-A-Wish Foundation

Seiler Tucker’s passion is to change the business sales landscape. FACT: 8 out of 10 business will not sell, leaving many owners to close their business, or worse, file bankruptcy. Don’t be part of the eight! Read and follow this step-by-step blueprint and EXIT RICH!

Rob Angel

Pictionary Creator

Read and follow EXIT Rich if you want to sell your business for MAXIMUM value.

Ron Klein

The Grandfather of Possibilities – Inventor, Credit Card Magnetic Strip, Strategic Adviser, Business Consultant

Seiler Tucker’s “Six P’s” method is revolutionary in helping business owners build their business to run on all Six Cylinders and sell for HUGE profits when they’re ready!

Tom Hopkins

Author of “How to Master the Art of Selling” and “When Buyers Say No

It’s so hard to see business owners fail and lose money because of poor planning. I would recommend EXIT Rich to every business owner, even if they’re not currently thinking of selling.

Mark Victor Hansen

Co-Creator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul Series, Co=Chairman and CEO of Metamorphosis Energy

90% of businesses listed for sale do NOT sell! Sharon Lechter and Michelle Seiler-Tucker want you to sell at the top of the 10%.EXIT Rich will show you how.

David Meltzer

Top Executive Business Coach and Keynote Speaker — CEO and Co-Founder, Sports 1 Marketing

Seiler Tucker’s Golden Nuggets are priceless… a MUST READ in helping you build, fix and grow your business so it’s sellable for maximum value!

Forbes Riley

Celebrity TV Host/Creator of SpinGym and author, “What Have YOU Forbes’d Lately?

The problem is, when you’re an entrepreneur, there isn’t somebody else to do it for you. … who will work 80 hours a week to avoid working 40 hours a week – Michelle and Sharon take the guess work out of winning when you finally get to EXIT! Thank you for the clarity, the insight and the chance to win for all of us!~” Forbes Riley Celebrity TV Host/Creator of SpinGym and Best Selling Author, “What Have YOU Forbes’d Lately



When we first met with you, we immediately knew you were the person we could work with and would help us become the owner of our first business. We appreciated your honesty, professionalism, and knowledge of the industry. We felt you were truly focused on our goals while trying to find the perfect business for us. I couldn’t believe how quickly the deal got finished. The process was handled with expertise and ease and covered all the bases from valuing the business to arranging the attorneys/legal transactions and eventually closing the sale. In addition to your efforts going above and beyond what was expected, your staff was also extremely professional, courteous and efficient. In closing, I wanted to thank you for all your hard work and effort.



Michelle Seiler Tucker is a true professional who takes command of every detail of the process. She was present at every meeting and was able to walk us through the complicated process with ease. She does a great job of evaluating the price of a business and getting the fairest deal possible. Not to mention the numerous businesses we had the opportunity to view and consider. I don’t think anyone else can offer the variety and number of business buying opportunities Michelle can. Her office staff does a good job administratively, as Michelle is always working with her clients and never seems to miss a beat.



My partner and I had very specific desires when looking for a business that would fit our needs. Michelle did a great job of interviewing us and sorting out the perfect business. The buy/sell process can be lengthy, mainly due to the information gathering and information trading from the potential seller to potential buyer. Her staff was superb with this process. Not only was she quick and efficient, but the information was delivered in perfect form, ready to be reviewed and used by lenders, accountants and attorneys.