Golden Nugget 20- Controlling the Steps and Keeping the Players Focused

Players will tend to slack, let things fall through the cracks, and drop the ball. You need to keep all the players focused and moving forward; otherwise, you will lose time, which may allow cold feet to creep in or the buyer to find another business to buy. CONTINGENCY REMOVAL FORM

Golden Nugget 19 – Making Your offer Airtight

You are much more likely to close on the sale of your business if you address certian issues and considerations during the process leading up to the sale to ensure that there are no surprises or loopholes that could halt the sale. DUE DILIGENCE CHECKLIST SAMPLE OF LOI

Golden Nugget 16-Qualifying and Educating Buyers

A qualified, educated buyer is your best buyer. The more they know and the more they’re invested, the less likely they will be to back out of the deal due to buyers remorse. GUIDELINE TO EDUCATE THE BUYER ON ALL CRITICAL DETAILS

Golden Nugget 10- Profits (6 P’s)

It’s a Huge misconception that all businesses are profitabnle; many are not. We have actually seen businesses gross Millions only to make little to no profits. 10 BIGGEST PROFIT MISTAKES